Morning Routine: Family Medicine Rotation Edition

Hi everyone,

First, I'd like to thank everyone for all the positive and encouraging comments on my most recent YouTube video announcing this blog/web store. There are still some kinks to be worked out [for example, I JUST figured out how to enable comments on blog posts], so I really do appreciate your patience and suggestions! 

Morning routine is one of the most requested videos on my channel. I'm still brainstorming and thinking of creative ways to portray that tiny portion of my day on video, but in the meantime I'd like to share what my typical morning routine looks like currently. Keep in mind, I'm on one of the least time-demanding rotation of 3rd year (family medicine), so this morning routine looks much different than the past few rotations. Regardless, i think it's nice for people to see that not all of medicine involves getting up at 4am to pre-round on still-sleeping patients. 

7:00am - I'll be totally honest. My actually alarm is always set about 30 minutes before my desired wake time. Clearly, I haven't figured out a way to break my multiple 9-minute snooze addiction. I've never been a morning person & it's just as difficult for me to wake up at 7am as it is at 4:15am. So far my best wake-up combination has been: adequate amount of sleep (7-8hrs) + an alarm clock that simulates sunrise. Occasionally, I also use the Sleep Cycle app, which gently wakes you up when you are at your lightest sleep within a 30 minute window. 

7:15am - when I finally manage to get myself out of bed, I make my way over to the kitchen to make my coffee. Lately, I've been using my Nespresso Pixie machine for its convenience and speed. My breakfast choices range widely from smoothies (warmer months), yogurt with fruit, oatmeal (colder months), to eggs and toast (when I have more time). I usually like to catch up on social media feeds while I eat.

7:45am - after breakfast, I brush my teeth and start to get ready for work. I try to keep my outfits minimum and hassle free. You can check out my business casual outfit video here

8:00am - before officially starting my day, I think it's really important to review my agenda for the day and make sure I have everything I need before leaving the house. This is also when I pack my lunch and mentally map out the rest of my day (e.g. are there any errands that I can take care of on the way from point A to point B?) 

8:30am - my office is only 20 minutes away door-to-door so leaving at 8:30am allows me to get to my family medicine office before patients start arriving at 9/9:30am. Let me know if you guys want me to share my Spotify playlist or a list of Podcasts I like to listen to in the car!  

That concludes my current morning routine for family medicine rotation! What is your morning routine like? Comment below!